Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spiderman for President? A Social Media Experiment

Maria Tchijov, one of my blog readers, has recruited me to help campaign for her candidate for president: Spiderman. Maria is participating in the New Organizing Institute's bootcamp, a program that teaches a select group of participants how to run a modern campaign for a candidate or organization. They learn about everything from fundraising to how to use social networking tools during the day . . . in the evening, they put what they learn to use in a campaign.

Maria is on a team that is working ever so diligently to get Spiderman elected as president. Campaign headquarters is Spidey's election Web site featuring a personal message from Peter Parker himself. It's an example of what the bootcamp students are learning about how to get a candidate elected, so study it to see how they're presenting Spiderman's position on the issues, see what social networks he particpates in, and read his blog. And don't forget to view his inspirational video on YouTube.

The election takes place this Friday, July 10, and we want your vote! Mark your calendar to return to the campaign site on Friday to vote for Spiderman!

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