Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is Silda to Blame?

I choked on my gluten-free granola this morning when I heard Laura Schlessinger announce on The Today Show that Eliot Spitzer enjoyed the company of a prostitute because his wife didn't take good enough care of him. Yes, that's right. If Silda had been more attentive to her husband's needs -- if she had done a better job of making him feel loved and appreciated -- we wouldn't be waiting right now for Spitzer to announce his resignation.


If Dr. Laura can be making news around this brouhaha, so can many of you. The TV stations in my Western NY city are positively gleeful about this big news development. They dispatched reporters to Albany, the state capital, yesterday for the political perspective but are also bringing in many hometown "experts" for commentary. This is happening across the state, and on a lesser level, in other parts of the country, as well. If you're an:
  • ethicist
  • therapist
  • politician
  • accountant
  • philanderer
  • spouse of a philanderer
  • hooker
  • recovering hooker
  • private eye
  • tax lawyer
  • child psychologist
  • author of a book on ethics, relationships, marriage, politics, government, parenting, law, prostitution
you have an opportunity for some media exposure. Figure out what you can say on this topic that is worth hearing and get on the phone with the media to make yourself available for an interview today.

And when you do, please don't blame it on Silda. Eliot is a big boy. He makes his own choices. He created this mess on his own, without any help from his wife.

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