Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Learn How to Promote Your Book May 31-June 25, 2010

Need help publicizing and promoting your book? My e-course, "Book Publicity 101: How to Build Book Buzz," can help! It addresses the biggest challenges most authors encounter when they realize they have to handle their own book publicity and promotion. They are often overwhelmed by the prospect of getting the word out because they don't know where to begin and would rather be writing than promoting.

The typical author:

  • Struggles to figure out what to do first to promote or publicize the book.
  • Is uncomfortable with promoting and would rather remain in the background.
  • Doesn't know which activities will have the greatest impact on the book’s visibility.
  • Hesitates to use social networking tactics because they're not sure how to.
  • Doesn't quite understand why and how to schedule a virtual book tour.
  • Isn't sure how to approach and pitch traditional media outlets in the most appropriate way.
  • Might not be clear about the book's target audience or how to reach it through the media.
  • Wants to do as much as possible to publicize a book without spending thousands on a publicist.
  • Hears that getting on radio helps sells books but doesn't know how to do it -- or if it's a good idea for the book.

Do any of these points describe you? I'll help you over, under, or around all of your obstacles in this dynamic four-week e-course running May 31 through June 25, 2010. It's taught in an easy-to-use forum where you will learn, practice, implement, and grow. Because you can come and go according to your own schedule -- whenever it's convenient for you, not me -- this option offers you maximum flexibility and learning potential.

Learn more about this very affordable and interactive course here; e-mail me at with questions.

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