Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Secret Lives of Radio Talk Shows

Here's what I'm wondering about this afternoon: When the host of a taped satellite radio talk show asks people to call the network's tollfree number to talk about the day's subject, what happens when people do actually call when the show airs weeks later? It's taped, it's done, it's on the air. And yet, they're asking for callers.

OK, let's forget about what happens to those callers for a minute. Want to know how they get the callers who are on the show? They go looking for them using specific parameters and a number of resources. They want a good mix of "callers" with different viewpoints, experiences and perspectives.

I put "callers" in quotation marks because these individuals aren't calling in. They have been signed up to be guests on the show. A producer calls each, adding them to the queue of scheduled -- vs. random -- guests on hold.

Just so you know should you ever want to participate in a taped show.

But back to that original question: Somebody, please tell me, what do they do with the calls from people who don't know the show is taped and call that tollfree number so share their opinions?

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