Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Capitalize on Today's Headlines

I shared thoughts about how business owners and others can generate publicity by tapping into the day's headlines with Gwen Moran, a columnist at Entrepreneur. Here's the article:

Make your business relevant to what’s happening in the world.
By Gwen Moran Entrepreneur Magazine - June 2007

When new Transportation Security Administration guidelines banning most airline carry-ons and liquids were announced last September, Adam Gilvar, 33, saw opportunity. His New York City clothing storage company, Garde Robe, already offered luggage-free service that could help travelers bypass luggage restrictions.

"Our first thought was that we have a solution for this," Gilvar says. However, his service hadn't been heavily marketed, so he immediately sent an e-mail reminder to customers. There has since been an upswing in demand among his existing clientele, and he's successfully using luggage-free travel as a hook to land new customers.

Sandra Beckwith, author of Streetwise Complete Publicity Plans, offers these tips to use the news for marketing.

  • Tune in. Read and watch the news to spot stories that relate to your business.
  • Be ready. Prepare lists of the media and your customers so that you can capitalize on an opportunity quickly.
  • Talk it out. Says Beckwith, "When news breaks, use your standard communications vehicles--e-mail, phone, fax, website--to get ahead of your competition and provide your target audience with the news and tips on how to deal with it." For the media, offer to be a local source for a national story or write an op-ed on an issue that affects your business.

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