Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top elements to include in your online news room

TEKgroup International, Inc., an organization that helps companies create online news rooms, offers a list of the top 20 elements to include. A large corporation should consider including all of them; a small business can get away with incorporating about half of them. Here's TEKgroup's list followed by my recommendations for smaller operations in order of importance.

TEKgroup's top 20 elements in their order of importance:
  1. Searchable archives
  2. PR contacts
  3. News releases
  4. Background information
  5. Product info/press kits
  6. Photographs
  7. Help/FAQ
  8. Crisis communications
  9. Events calendar
  10. Executive biographies
  11. Media credentials registration
  12. Financial information
  13. Info/interview request form
  14. News coverage
  15. Video
  16. Social media page
  17. RSS feeds
  18. Audio
  19. Blog
  20. Twitter feed

Here are mine for smaller organizations, including nonprofits, in order of importance, based on the information I look for when looking for article and interview sources: 
  1. PR contacts
  2. News releases
  3. Background information
  4. Product info/press kits
  5. Photographs
  6. Searchable archives
  7. Executive biographies
  8. Social media links (not page)
  9. Blog
  10. News coverage

Why did I select "PR contacts" as the top item? Because more often than not, I'm at a company's online  news room because I need to schedule an interview and I'm looking for somebody to help make that happen. And yet, surprisingly enough, this information can be hard to find (and some companies make it impossible to find by not offering it at all). If it takes too long to find a media contact, I'll move on to your competitor.
TEKgroup also recently released results of its survey on how journalists are using digital media, online newsrooms, and social media to write, researchn and report on news stories. Not surprisingly, the 1,500 journalists surveyed want access to helpful information at a company's website. Download the report here.  


Nancy Christie said...

To add to your comment about PR contacts at businesses and organizations, my pet peeve is that, once I find the media contact page (which, as you noted, is often either missing or well-hidden!), there isn't a telephone number, only an e-mail link. If I'm on deadline, I don't have time to wait (and hope) that the e-mail will be read and answered. I need to know ASAP if this source will be of use to me. If their role is to connect with the media, then they ought to offer us as many options as possible to achieve that connection!
(BTW, this also applies to authors' web sites. Often, I find an author who would be a great source, but there is no way to connect--what a missed marketing opportunity!)

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