Monday, August 13, 2007

A Publicity 2-fer

Want to get on "The Today Show?" Get in the Wall Street Journal first.

WSJ "Fashion Journal" columnist Christina Binkley wrote "Plaid Taste: The Return of Preppy" in the July 19 issue; the NBC morning program aired a similar segment this Saturday, August 11. The WSJ article, "Firms Tidy Up Clients' Bad Online Reputations," ran on June 13; the TV counterpart ran yesterday, August 12. The TV version usually airs about a week after the articles appear in the newspaper, though.

This isn't a fluke. It happens regularly and it happens often. So stop contacting "Today Show" producers directly -- impress a WSJ reporter instead so your feature runs there and then gets the morning show's attention. Then be camera-ready when a producer calls.


Anonymous said...

Very smart advice. Now that I think about it, this would work on a local level, too, since many TV stations have print affiliates. Some articles that appear in print then serve as fodder for the evening's newscast. Thanks, Sandy!

Anonymous said...

That's great advice, Sandra. I'm just about to pubish a book and I'm going to go back to my contact at the WSJ!

Sandra Beckwith said...

Hey Rosalind, consider subscribing to my free book publicity newsletter at You might find something helpful there. And good luck with the WSJ! Remember to pitch an article idea and position yourself as an expert resource rather than suggesting the journalist write about your book.