Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is Your Nonprofit PR Project a Winner?

PR News sponsors a Nonprofit PR Awards competition; the entry deadline is September 14, 2007. Get the specifics and application at

As a PRSA Silver Anvil and Bronze Anvil judge, I urge you to be realistic about whether your program is award-worthy. Is it truly creative, well-executed, and really, really successful? If it was just average, put your energy into creating and executing a knock-your-socks-off program that will move your organization forward and maybe generate an award next year.

If you think you have a winner, please take the awards application process seriously. This isn't something you pull together in the final minutes before the last Fed Ex pickup to meet the deadline. Award-winning entries need to be thoughtful and thorough. And because they are judged by senior practitioners, don't relegate the entry process to your intern or least-experienced staffer. Get a veteran practitioner involved.

I've been on both sides of the fence -- as a winner and as a judge -- and would be happy to answer questions on the topic. Post a question here or contact me at

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