Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Booklets = Buzz

A booklet is a great publicity-generating tool because it:

-- Showcases your topic expertise
-- Gives you an opportunity to contact the media by offering a free booklet to readers/viewers
-- Helps you build a database of prospects interested in your product or service

After creating a booklet that offers tips or advice, send (and post) a press release announcing publication and how people can receive a free copy. The easiest way to make the free booklet available is as a downloadable file on your Web site but if your target audience doesn't use the Internet much, you'll want to make it available by mail, too. If it's downloadable, make sure you use a system that lets you capture contact information before the file is accessible.

For more information about how to create booklets, visit Paulette Ensign's site, http://www.tipsbooklets.com and her blog, http://www.tipsbooklets.blogspot.com/. For guidance on how to use a booklet to build buzz, post a comment here or send me a note at sbATsandrabeckwith.com.

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