Thursday, July 22, 2010

Want to get on The Today Show? Get in the Wall St. Journal first

As I've noted before, "The Today Show" on NBC gets segment ideas from The Wall Street Journal, so if you want to be on the TV show, get into the newspaper.
Case in point: Yesterday's WSJ ran the article, "Kids Quit the Team for More Family Time," and the morning TV program piggybacked on it for this story today featuring the family in the WSJ. This happens regularly. Publicity begets publicity.


Anonymous said...


You alluded to it briefly - it's the snowball effect. Building buzz (see what I did there?) can happen in markets both large and small.

If you or your business has a good story, interesting angle or timely topic it can successfully transcend multiple media outlets.

Not a new trend, but media convergence has resulted in media partnerships, co-ownerships, etc. If you have one ownership group that owns two TV stations in one market - many times the newsroom share stories, personalities, etc - so getting a story into one outlet may mean multiple exposures over a few networks.

Furthermore we see radio stations, newspapers and TV stations in the same market team up to provide cross promotions and stories - again, something to be aware of when you pitch a story.

Sandra Beckwith said...

Very true -- thanks for sharing that! Local radio is especially notorious for getting content from the daily newspaper, which means that many times, one "hit" can generate many more.