Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Booklets make great publicity generators

I see many entrepreneurs and others creating free and helpful booklets or special reports to drive traffic to their Web site, distribute in stores or at events or trade shows, or to help them build a marketing mailing list. But I don't see many of them using these free booklets to generate publicity for their businesses -- and that's a lost opportunity. Offering a freebie through a press release sent to on- and off-line media outlets is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to reach people (and potential clients and customers) who wouldn't otherwise find you.

How do you use publicity to extend the reach of your booklet? Here's how.
  1. Make sure your booklet is truly helpful, not just a company brochure disguised as a booklet. The press won't share your offer if it isn't worth sharing. (Don't have a booklet yet? Get advice on how to create one from Paulette Ensign.)

  2. Write a press release announcing that you're offering the free booklet or report. Keep it short and sweet. Announce it, describe what's in it, tell people how to get it.

  3. E-mail the release with a link to your booklet online to your media list. (You can also attach a PDF of the booklet to the message, but many are reluctant to open attachments from people they don't know.)

  4. You're done.
Pretty easy, isn't it? As with all publicity efforts, there's no guarantee that your announcement release will get used and you won't be able to predict or control when it's used. Still, if just one outlet shares your offer with people who could become customers, the minimal effort involved has been well worth it.

If you sent out a press release about a free booklet, could you trace or track the results?

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