Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Favorite Project: Bailey's Book

Just two days after Bailey Goodman died with four friends in a tragic car accident on June 26, 2007, her parents had to select an organization to receive charitable contributions made in Bailey's memory. They didn't hesitate even a moment before responding, "The asset program."

They were referring to the Fairport, N.Y. school district's developmental assets initiative, a program that promotes healthy children, youths and communities. In some districts, it's referred to as a character-building program. Bailey was active in the district's initiative while in school and felt it had done a lot to prepare her for the challenges of young adulthood.

Months later, the program's administrator assembled a committee of Bailey's friends and family to decide how to spend the money contributed in Bailey's honor. Our brainstorming sessions led to Bailey's Book: A Community Celebrates Its Assets, a book with content generated by district students and the community. Students in all grades are now writing essays and drawing pictures for consideration by the committee, which will publish the book in 2009. All contributions must be based on one of the district's 40 developmental assets.

Content can come from anyone, anywhere, so we hope you'll consider reading the submission guidelines and offering an essay, photo, or drawing for consideration. Please consider making a financial contribution to offset publishing costs, too. We are incredibly fortunate to have the book publishing pros at Windor Media Enterprises guiding us through the process pro bono, but we do need additional funds for the printing expenses.

It's a good time of the year to be thinking about contributions that will help others. Please also consider contributions made in memory of the four other "Fairport angels" we lost that day -- Hannah Congdon, Meredith McClure, Sara Monnat and Katie Shirley. You can find links to their designated charities here.

We are looking forward to creating a book that Bailey's parents, Mike and Sharon, and her beloved brother Spencer, shown here with Bailey, will be proud of.

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Interesting!! Books are my favorite pass time...