Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack Obama's Infomercial

Barack Obama will talk directly to the American public tonight on the major networks without pundit interference or interpretation.

On the surface, it's a great idea. Whether it's an effective strategy or not will depend on how well Obama (a) communicates his vision and (b) sets the record straight on rumors and misinformation.

I hope he tackles the "socialism" undercurrent that developed after he used the phrase "spread the wealth around." To Republicans, that phrase is the verbal equivalent of hiding the keys to the BMW -- makes 'em crazy. I think it needs clarification.

Many voters believe whatever is fed to them, without challenging or questioning it. Let's hope that those who are so easily influenced will tune in and pay attention. People should make their decision on what to vote for after contemplating the facts, not the innuendo.

Please stop back here tomorrow and offer your communications assessment of Obama's infomercial. Tell us if it was effective.

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