Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pool Safety Publicity Opportunity

A scarey segment on The Today Show this morning highlighted the danger of faulty swimming pool drains. (To see the segment, go to and select "Keeping pool safety in mind" from the list of videos on the right.) When there's a problem, the suction can trap children on the drain so they drown. (There are other problems, too.)

Who knew? Not me. And probably many more. Are you in a position to talk about this threat in a credible way? Then do so. Talk to your local media outlets so they can protect local families. This is a great opportunity to do good while getting some exposure if you're:
  • A pool and spa retailer
  • Consumer safety advocate
  • Nonprofit advocating for child safety
  • Pool and spa manufacturer/dealer association
  • Lifeguard
  • Public pool manager
  • Country club manager
  • Pool drain manufacturer
Take action; save lives.

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