Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Don't Make Us Work So Hard to Get Your News

ProfNet, which is owned by news distribution company PRNewswire, just announced that it is partnering with the more specialized CSRwire (CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility) news distribution system.

How is it partnering? What does it mean to you, the end user? ProfNet's announcement is three sentences long and the third sentence is just a link that says it will take us to a site with "more information." Do we get that information at that site? No. It's a fill-in-the-blanks template that allows the company to capture all of our contact information for marketing purposes before it will tell us about the partnership.

As a user, I'm frustrated. I want information. Please don't make it so hard for me to get it.

I didn't fill in the template. I went instead to CSRwire's site for the story and found it. It appears that ProfNet is creating a special CSRwire feed. I asked CSRwire for more info. and learned that its members, who pay a $100 annual membership feed, may receive these CSR-type media queries for $1,900, making the total cost $2,000. How does that compare to ProfNet's rates? You'll have to call them for that information -- the fees aren't provided on its Web site.

But back to CSRwire...have any of you used the service? Could you share your experiences? Feedback from users is always helpful.

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