Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do You Care About Al and Tipper?

I tweeted yesterday about how the news of the Gore break-up presents authors who are relationship or divorce experts with an opportunity to pitch themselves to the media as talk show guests or article resources. It also provides local therapists and counselors with an opportunity to provide local commentary on a national story with their local media outlets. Publicity is -- like it or not -- all about being opportunistic. Why let your competitor do that noon TV talk show interview about why marriages end after 40 years when you could be doing it? It's a sad situation, but it's a business opportunity for some.

I was surprised, then, when a usually savvy author of books on other topics commented on my Facebook page, "Like who cares? . . . There are a lot more important things to worry about." Well, yeah, of course there are. What to have for lunch today is one of them. But his question made me realize that I care. While other recent high-profile breakups haven't moved me much, this one has left me sad.

Here's why this one bothers me. If those lip-locking love birds can't stay married, who can? I haven't been able to pull it off, but people like the Gores made me feel that is is possible. When I saw all that they've endured and accomplished as a couple, I was reassured that living happily ever after with a spouse is possible.

Oops -- maybe not.

And while some are wondering if Tipper gets half of the Internet, I'm thinking about couples and happiness. Sure, they've grown apart blah blah blah and maybe splitting gives them the opportunity to find happiness with a new soulmate yada yada yada. I get it. But still, I feel like somebody has popped a balloon in front of me. I want to believe that when you stay married that long, you will pick out a long-term care facility together, too. You'll always have somebody watching your back . . . or wiping the drool off your chin.

Where are you on this? Do you care, or, like my author friend, are you completely unmoved by the end of this marriage?


Jane Grant Tougas said...

I am with you. The break up made me sad. Won't they be lonely? Won't they turn to talk to each other -- but find no one there? Won't they think, "Oh, I can hardly wait to tell Tipper/Al what happened today" -- but they can't?
Couldn't they try again . . . please?

Chris Malkemes said...

It is very sad but I am proud of how they are handling it. I am glad they are keeping mum about why it couldn't be reconciled. Too many end up in a lot of unnecessary mud slinging

Sandra Beckwith said...

Chris, I agree. We don't need (or for many of us, want) the details.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe your fellow journalist/author (the Facebook one) did not see the opportunity this type of 'event' presents. Whether we like it or not, businesses, organizations and individuals take advantage of others troubles. This type of event should be no different.

Look at the individuals all over the three cable news channels pitching their methods to clean up oil in the Gulf. These folks couldn't begin to pay for the amount of air time they are getting. Amazing publicity in the shadow of a disastrous event.

Anonymous said...

Of course I misread the original post. People get divorced each day, it's unfortunate, especially after 40 years. My money would have been on Bill and Hillary to get divorced first, however politically it would have been a potentially large bump in the road.