Thursday, May 27, 2010

Op-Ed Submission Lists

Op-eds -- opinion pieces that appear on the editorial pages of newspapers and some magazines -- are popular communications vehicles for nonprofits because they allow those organizations to advocate for a cause or help spark change.

I've shared tips for writing an op-ed that will get read here; these apply whether you hope to place your essay with the local paper or with several newspapers around the country.

Once you're satisfied that you've written a clear and compelling essay, e-mail it to the right person at each newspaper. How do you find out who that is? If you're just sending to one newspaper, call and ask. If you're an organization with a national audience and cause, you can pay a distribution service such as Cision to e-mail your essay to an up-to-date list at the papers you select. If you'd rather compile your own e-mail address list, use the resources below that I've found online. I can't promise they're current, but if you get an "undeliverable" bounceback message, go to that newspaper's Web site and find what you need there.

Please note that national newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today require exclusivity. But can you send it to both the Topeka Capital-Journal and the Charlotte Observer? Absolutely. And if you can personalize your essay for each market you're sending it to, you'll have a better shot at acceptance.

Here are links to lists. Google will help you find the information you need for newspapers not on these lists (what a great job for an intern!):


Henry Pelifian said...

Often Op-Eds are so circumscribed and narrow the views presented are insufficient to inform the American people of legitimate and optional solutions and viewpoints for a healthy democracy.

Angela said...

@ Henry Pelifan...I think your perspective is soemwhat narrow. Op-ed's serve an excellent purpose and that is to give a brief summary of information on various topics. It is up to the individual to go and seek more information about the topic if they need to. Most people prefer to get straight to the point and op-ed's allow that. If Americans want to be more informed democratic citizens then maybe they should pick up a book or take a class to learn about a subject matter in depth.