Friday, April 9, 2010

Teleseminar Playback Link; Answering More Questions Here

I did a free teleseminar on April 7, 2010, answering callers' questions about how to build book buzz. If you missed the call but would like to listen in because, as one listener told us afterwards, "Ms. Beckwith oozes with information," here's the link where you can listen online or download the audio file.

Because we had so many people on the call, we couldn't answer all of the questions submitted as part of the registration process. I thought it might help to answer a few more of them here. I received several versions of the questions below. Please note, too, that with so many different book categories out there, it's hard to offer a "one size fits all" answer:

Q. How long before a book launch should I begin promoting my book?

In some situations, you should be laying the groundwork while writing the book by establishing relationships with key influencers. When it comes to straight publicity and promotion -- getting the word out -- you should have your detailed plan in place at least six months before your publication date. You'll need to be doing certain activities (depending on your situation) that far in advance -- maybe even earlier than that.

Q. How useful are "meet the author" book signings in generating buzz?

I wrote an article about that; you can read it here. I always encourage authors to put their efforts into reaching as many of the people in their target audience as possible, and book signings don't generate the numbers that you can get with publicity (getting the word out through the news media).

Q. How can I connect with the most people about my book without going face-to-face and without spending a lot of money?

It depends on the book and its topic, but publicity is very cost effective. So is reaching niche audiences through blogs.

Q. My book was released March 19 and the press release is out. How do I generate media interest other than the press release.

Again, depending on the book, there are many, many things you should be doing to get the word out about your book. Sending out a book announcement release is just the beginning. There are too many to list here -- plus some of the ideas I might suggest won't be appropriate for your book -- but I teach authors how to do this in "Book Publicity 101: How to Build Book Buzz." The next course runs from May 31-June 25, 2010.


Vivian Kirkfield said...

Sandra's teleseminar was informative and extremely helpful for an author with a new book coming out...or even a book that's been out for a while that needs some new publicity. She encourages authors to use the most cost-effective methods to get the word out...many of her suggestions give a book free publicity and just take some time on the part of the author. Amazingly, this information was all FREE!!! Her newsletter is also filled with GREAT tips for marketing and promoting a book...especially helpful for the self-publisher. BRAVO!!! Thank you, Sandra!

Sandra Beckwith said...

Thanks, Vivian! I'm glad you found the teleseminar helpful. You are so kind to share your thoughts here!


Yvon said...

Hi Sandra,

I was the guy who asked about book signings. Your article helped. However, I didn't really ask you the right questions.

Once I reviewed your site and what you offer, It sounds more like your method is directed toward non-fiction publishing.

How does your system work for book & chap length works of fiction/poetry?