Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Real Winner in the Childish Milkaholic Lindsay Publicity Stunt is E*Trade

Lindsay Lohan's silly $100 million lawsuit against E*Trade over its milkaholic baby commercial sure has gotten the troubled actress back into the headlines, hasn't it? Yes, people are laughing about the baseless lawsuit, but they're talking about Lindsay Lohan again. And when you crave attention, you don't care what people are saying about you -- all you care about is that they're talking about you.

While Lindsay is foolishly pointing out a possible-but-not-likely connection most of us never even saw in the funny commercial, the E*Trade brand is getting a lot of priceless publicity it didn't ask for and couldn't buy. I hope the company will leverage adult Lindsay's narcissistic legal challenge by creating a blatant parody video with the milkaholic baby Lindsay ranting about how she will file a counter-suit citing defamation of character. It will go viral quickly.

Today's news reports addressed the lawsuit; tomorrow's should feature lighthearted interviews with E*Trade's marketing team having a little fun with this. I hope they milk this for all it's worth.

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