Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did Toxic Fat Kill Michael Jackson? sent this gem to me tonight; it's worth sharing. In its Pitch of the Day feature, Mediabistro's PRNewser section reprinted a media pitch designed to turn Michael Jackson's death into a PR opportunity for the author of a book on toxic fat. What does toxic fat have to do with Michael Jackson's death? Nothing. Ab-so-lute-ly nothing. But that doesn't stop the silly publicist from sending out a pitch titled, "DID MICHAEL JACKSON DIE FROM TOXIC FAT?" (Really -- you have to laugh!)

I am always encouraging publicity seekers to find a connection between the day's headlines and their product, service, or organization, but this is so absurd it's funny. It's a great example of what not to do. It's also a reminder that you should always be looking over your publicist's shoulder. Most are smart, sharp, and creative but some are real tools.

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