Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is Self-Promotion Shameless?

Leslie Levine, the PR columnist at AllBusiness.com, interviewed me this week on (ahem) shameless self-promotion. Part 1 ran yesterday; part 2 will run tomorrow. (Skip all the "blah blah blah about Sandy" stuff at the top and jump down to the questions.)

I was glad she asked me to chat about the topic because it's one that the students in my book publicity e-course struggle with time after time -- particularly the women. I often spend just as much time helping them understand that it's about the book, not them, as I do teaching them how (and why) to position themselves as experts or how to create and send out a tip sheet.

If you're one of those who are uncomfortable promoting a product or service that you have a strong personal connection to, look around at some of the successful people you know or work with -- especially the men -- and see how easily self-promotion comes to these people. It is more natural for some -- have I mentioned men? -- than for others, but if you accept that your professional success depends on others knowing and understanding what you can contribute to the process or product, it will get easier.

Enjoy part 1...read part 2 tomorrow. And, of course, tell me what you think!

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