Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's Recognize the Publicists Who Do It Right

I'm quick to complain about dumba$$ publicists who don't know how to do their jobs so I'd like to be just as quick to call attention to those who do. I recently completed a very large writing assignment -- 20,000 words -- and needed a few last minute sources while close to my deadline. A couple of smart and responsive publicists helped me out. Let's create an award for. . .

  • Kate Van Vlack at Ketchum PR in Chicago. Kate used her resources to find two good sources for anecdotes and she did it quickly. Somebody give her a raise!
  • Janelle Davis at the American Academy of Family Physicians. I needed a couple of family physicians with specific expertise and she found them for me quickly. Let's promote her immediately.
  • Richelle Shaw at Henderson OB/GYN. Richelle's job title isn't "publicist" but it could be. She was responsive and thorough with her responses to my questions and because of that, she was a joy to work with. She should get a private office for that.
What made them stand out? They responded quickly and with intelligence. In addition, I never had to follow-up with any of them. They did what they said they would and they did it well. We'd like to think that's a given, but we've all been in the workplace enough to know it isn't.

Thank you Kate, Janelle, and Richelle. I truly appreciate your help.

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