Friday, November 21, 2008

Did GM Execs Commit a PR Blunder with Their Corporate Jets?

It's almost too d-u-m-b to be true.

The three auto execs pleading in Washington, D.C., for a bailout traveled there in private jets.

I understand why they did this. They are busy men with huge paychecks and flying commercial is not good use of their time. I get it. But in this case, because they went begging for the public to save their industry, they should have left the private jets behind and flown on a commercial airline as an indication that they were doing their part to be frugal and fiscally responsible.

When it comes to public opinion and public relations, perception is everything. The decision to value their time more than their public image in this case leaves us with the perception that they just don't "get it." And that's a shame, because the jobs of the peple who work for them and their suppliers are at stake.

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